Chocolate Fudge Shake @ Bills – Surry Hills

$9.50 – 30 July 2017


Despite being one of the busier breakfast spots in Surry Hills, the service was fast. The shake came in the classic milkshake stainless steel cup – a good thing since this generally means a big serving size. And Bills did not disappoint there either.

The shake was creamy smooth and not too sweet, it had great bubble distribution and was free from chunks or nasty ice. The chocolate sauce was high quality but it wasn’t Cottee’s.

It came ice cold and had great thickness. This is what you get when you use the king of milkshake machines, the Roband.

The one let down here was the paper straw. It held together, but it detracted from the experience. A steel straw would have taken this experience close to perfect.


Author: samthemilkshakeman

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