Chocolate Milkshake @ The Local Press – Lilyfield

$4.50 – 5 August 2017


We received very fast service when we ordered, and the serving size was decent. It came in a big glass cup, but with a paper straw (these fall apart. Paper gets soggy. Despite how trendy they may seem, they detract from the experience). However, the overall presentation of the milkshake was good.

The milkshake itself was nice and frothy. It wasn’t at all thick, but it was advertised as a milkshake, not a thickshake, so it doesn’t lose too many marks for this. The chocolate flavour was a little weak (not Cottee’s) and it wasn’t ice cold (but drinkable cold). A proper milkshake machine was used, a Sirman.


Author: samthemilkshakeman

On the search for the perfect milkshake