Golden Gaytime Shake @ PCP – Surry Hills

$8.50 – 2 September 2017


The service at PCP was pretty fast. The waiter was very friendly and convinced me to have a Golden Gaytime Shake instead of the Tim Tam Shake (which was 50c more expensive).

The shake itself had good thickness. The glass cup was fairly small which is a drawback (especially given the price). The presentation was good but let us not forget we are here for the milkshake, not the presentation. The spoon came as standard but you never really needed it (except maybe for one or two scoops of the unnecessary crumble on the top).

The taste was very close to a Golden Gaytime – toffee, honeycomb, biscuits, chocolate. It was very nice, but not too sweet. If you put a few Golden Gaytimes and some milk in a blender, this is what you’d get.

The main sin here was the menu. No basic chocolate milkshake option. No self respecting cafe will offer a coffee menu without a flat white, long black, cappuccino or espresso. So why the continued discrimination against milkshakes? A chocolate milkshake on the menu in a must – how can I trust the Golden Gaytime Shake is going to be any good if I can’t first try your base, go-to option? You can’t, you have to risk it. PCP was lucky they pulled it off on this occasion.


Author: samthemilkshakeman

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