Aero Bar Milkshake @ Reuben Hills – Surry Hills

$8.50 – 14 October 2017


Yet another trendy inner city cafe that fails the basics of offering milkshakes – always offer your customers the base options – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. If you are offering a chocolate mint milkshake, you already have the ingredients for a chocolate milkshake. Easy.

However, Reuben Hills does do a very fine chocolate mint Aero Bar Milkshake. The service was fast but the serving size was a little too small given the price. The milkshake was well blended and this resulted in a great body and good thickness – something only possible with a proper milkshake machine (not possible with a blender).

There were chocolate mint Aero chips sprinkled on top – an indulgence that is acceptable only if you get the milkshake right in the first place.


Author: samthemilkshakeman

On the search for the perfect milkshake