Chocolate Milkshake @ Brooklyn Hide – Surry Hills

$7.50 – 28 October 2017


One thing Brooklyn Hide gets right, which so many cafes, milk bars and other establishments get wrong, is the straw. Paper straws? They are terrible, as they often get soggy before the milkshake is finished. Plastic straws? Terrible too. Brooklyn Hide serves their milkshakes with stainless steel straws, and this is hands down the best option – reusable, no impact on flavour, no degradation mid-milkshake.

In fact, Brooklyn Hide got a couple of other things right too – they use a real milkshake machine, the service speed is fast. It is just a pity there were some obvious flaws with the milkshake itself.

The volume was only moderate, which is often the outcome when milkshakes are served in glass jars (at least it had a handle). The flavour was powdered (think Nesquik). The milkshake wasn’t very thick and had a thin mouth feel.

But it didn’t taste bad, it was in fact quite tasty. The bubble distribution was poor as a lot of the milk just sat at the bottom of the jar.


Author: samthemilkshakeman

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