Lamington Shake @ Three Williams – Redfern

$8.00 – 29 October 2017


I was served the Lemington Shake after the meal came out. Bad start to what turned out to be a pretty bad experience all around.

I had ordered what I thought was the closest thing to a chocolate milkshake on the menu. What I got was jam and coconut. This was far from a classic chocolate milkshake. It came with a thick plastic straw which was required to suck up the big chunks of coconut and strawberry jam. This was a very off-putting experience. To end a chocolate milkshake by being forced to drink what was basically just jam is not enjoyable.

But this was actually a good milkshake if you got rid of the jam and coconut (it could have been a 7 or 8). The bubble distribution was good, the servicing size was somewhat generous. The edible rim was a nice gimmick too. The solution? Offer your customers a classic chocolate milkshake on the menu. If you want to offer fancy/freak shakes, you can do that too. I note that they have since updated their menu to a ‘Salted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Shake’.


Author: samthemilkshakeman

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