Chocolate Milkshake @ Bar Coretto – Qantas Terminal, Sydney Domestic Airport

$7.50 – 24 November 2017


Service speed takes on a new relevance at an airport, with gates opening and boarding closing faster than often expected. The service speed at Bar Coretto was acceptable but not fast.

The milkshake came in a plastic takeaway container with lid which was OK for me, as the volume was decent. The milkshake itself was really milky and seemed to lack ice cream. The bubble distribution was poor and the flavour was a little too mild. The finish was quite disappointing – often even with poor bubble distribution you will get some good froth at the top of a milkshake, but this froth was thin in terms of flavour.

Those are a lot of negatives – but they were all mild negatives and all easily improvable. Adding ice cream would have solved many of the issues above and could have elevated this milkshake to a 7.5 or an 8.


Author: samthemilkshakeman

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