Chocolate Thickshake @ Burger Project, Circular Quay

$7.50 – 1 December 2017


This is a thickshake that lives up to its name. It is very thick. Very creamy. It’s a very good thickshake. The chocolate flavour used is Valrhona, which although is not Cottee’s, is still delicious. It is perhaps even a little too rich.

The thickshake really does push the boundaries between thickshake and ice cream. Bubble distribution? There are basically no bubbles. But the mouthfeel is excellent – like soft ice cream but not soft serve ice cream – and the thick shake is cloud-level creamy.

Served in a plastic container and the volume is limited (too much more would be potentially too much given the heaviness of this thick shake).

So where does this thickshake go wrong? Paper straw. Burger Project provides two straw thickness options but they are both bad options. Has anybody from Burger Project actually tried to drink one of these thick shakes from the straws provided? If they had, I suspect I wouldn’t have had to. The hunt for the perfect takeaway straw (can’t be plastic) continues.


Author: samthemilkshakeman

On the search for the perfect milkshake