Chocolate Milkshake @ Espresso Room, Circular Quay

$7.00 – 14 December 2017


This milkshake came in a plastic container and was ordered as a ‘medium’ (the small was $5.00, there was no larger option). The size lived up to its name – it would have been nice to have a larger option. The machine used was a Roband so that was a good sign.

This was a good milkshake – good bubble distribution and good mouthfeel. A good amount of ice cream used. Just very solid all around. The chocolate sauce flavour surprisingly tasted a little like powdered chocolate. This is the second time I have had one of these milkshakes from Espresso Room and I am glad for them this is the one I reviewed – it is much improved. It just needed some more volume and better chocolate flavour to elevate it to great.



Author: samthemilkshakeman

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