Chocolate Milkshake @ Dubbo French Hot Bread, Dubbo

$5.00 – 26 December 2017

IMG-0357 (2).JPG

Being served a milkshake in the classic ‘Daintree’ pattern paper cup is generally either a very good sign, or a very bad one. It either means you have; A) a frappista who cares only about the quality of the milkshake itself (and not its appearance) and you will get a very good milkshake or B) somebody who is likely not a frappista at all and therefore doesn’t care much at all about appearance or taste or bubble distribution.

Fortunately, despite its name suggesting otherwise, Dubbo French Hot Bread belongs to the first group. The serving was generous, there was a great balance of chocolate flavour and the bubble distribution was reasonable. The balance of milk to ice cream was too heavily weighted towards milk, but outside of this, this was a very tasty milkshake. The trendy cafes of the inner city have much to learn, starting with more effort on the milkshake and less on the appearance.


Author: samthemilkshakeman

On the search for the perfect milkshake