Chocolate Milkshake @ Mel’s Drive In, Universal Studios, Singapore

S$6.00 – 28 December 2017

20171228_145824 (2).jpg

Mel’s Drive In, styled as a classic American 50s diner, serves up a typical fast food style, soft serve milkshake. But it wasn’t the typical thickshake you’d get at, say, McDonald’s given it had a decent portion of milk. The service was fast given how busy the restaurant was and the milkshake came in a plastic cup.

Unfortunately though the milkshake really wasn’t mixed together well and the bubble distribution was poor (it is rarely good with a soft serve milkshake). The milkshake had a strange top layer of froth which didn’t mix with the rest of the milkshake. The mouth feel was average but the chocolate flavour was decent (albeit tinged by the soft serve flavour).

If I were to compare this to a McDonald’s shake, it would score worse. It was an OK effort from a restaurant where I had low expectations to begin with.



Author: samthemilkshakeman

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