Chocolate Milkshake @ Privé, Singapore

S$11.00 – 1 January 2018


The first thing you will notice when browsing the Privé brunch/lunch menu is that they succeed where many other establishment often fail. The milkshake menu is a great mix of classics (chocolate, vanilla) and more ambitious milkshakes (banana nutella, Oreo cookies & cream, sticky date pudding).

The service speed wasn’t up to the same standard, but it was by no means slow. The milkshake came with a lot of embellishment in the form of whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate fudge chunks, a bread sticks (!) and chocolate flakes. This was all served in a classic style steel cup but the serving size was too small (especially given the price).

But under all the cream and fudge and bread sticks was a good milkshake. It was thick, it had a rich flavour and have a good, frothy mouth feel. The straw was a thick plastic one (thick is good, plastic not so much). There was a lot of ice cream used in the milkshake which gave it a great smoothness and flavour. It was over too soon.



Author: samthemilkshakeman

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