Large Chocolate Thickshake @ Krispy Kreme, Sydney Central Station

$6.95 – 30 January 2018


Krispy Kreme have historically done a great milkshake. This is to be expected given its positioning as an American doughnut and coffee house. On this occasion, I went for the chocolate thickshake and it is also very good.

The store itself had no only two prominently displayed Roband machine on the front counter, but also (what I believe was) a Hamilton Beach Triple Milkshake Mixer and a blender. Somewhat surprisingly, the blender was used for my thickshake. The reason became clear on my first sip. It was very thick, with a heavy ratio of ice cream. This meant it was also very creamy but too thick for there to be any meaningful bubble distribution (which is what you want in a thickshake). There was a lot of chocolate sauce used so the flavour was strong.

The serving sized was advertised as large and it probably scrapes in to that category (as opposed to actually just being a medium).

Overall, a good experience but left me wishing I had just ordered the milkshake.



Author: samthemilkshakeman

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