Oreo Cookies Monster Shake @ Shenkin, Darlinghurst

$7.50 – 10 February 2018


Yet again, an inner city cafe making the same menu mistake. The only options for milkshakes were the ‘Oreo Cookies Monster’, ‘Brownie Bomb’ and ‘Ferrero Ro Shake’. No classic chocolate option but three chocolate related ones. I went for the Oreo Cookies Monster on this occasion.

The milkshake comes in a jar with a handle but the serving size isn’t large. The milkshake definitely tastes like Oreos but the flavour is a little weak.

When it came to bubble distribution, it was easy to tell that a blender was used. The blended ice cream sat on the top of the milkshake while bubble free milk sat at the bottom. The ice cream itself was a little grainy which was an unpleasant sensation.

The Oreo on the top was a curious addition since there was no utensil provided with the milkshake that I could use to scoop it out. Perhaps I was meant to start with the cookie, but this wasn’t made clear.

But it was by no means a bad tasting milkshake. It tasted good, it was cold and to the frappista’s credit, the ice cream ratio to milk was good (but just not mixed together enough/correctly).


Author: samthemilkshakeman

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