Large Chocolate Milkshake @ Brown Sugar, Milton

$6.00 – 17 March 2018


Brown Sugar’s frappistas have two Roband milkshake machines to utilise when making milkshakes, which was handy as there were plenty of milkshakes ordered on the day I stopped in. Perhaps as a result, the service speed was a little lacking.

In terms of milkshakes, there were two typical options – small and large. I note that generally this means that the only difference between the milkshakes will be the volume. However, this was not the case. Both options came in the same classic steel cup. The large size was very generous in terms of volume but far too milky. The small milkshake had a much better ice cream to milk ratio (I was able to try another person’s order). This meant poorer bubble distribution and mouthfeel for the large milkshake which was very disappointing – that said, the Roband machines meant even the large milkshake had a decent level of bubble distribution. On the positive side, both were cold and both had strong flavour.

These were solid, classic milkshakes. It is a pity they were inconsistent. Had I ordered the small, it would have scored better. But, I got the large.



Author: samthemilkshakeman

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