Lamington Shake @ Three Williams – Redfern

$8.00 – 29 October 2017


I was served the Lemington Shake after the meal came out. Bad start to what turned out to be a pretty bad experience all around.

I had ordered what I thought was the closest thing to a chocolate milkshake on the menu. What I got was jam and coconut. This was far from a classic chocolate milkshake. It came with a thick plastic straw which was required to suck up the big chunks of coconut and strawberry jam. This was a very off-putting experience. To end a chocolate milkshake by being forced to drink what was basically just jam is not enjoyable.

But this was actually a good milkshake if you got rid of the jam and coconut (it could have been a 7 or 8). The bubble distribution was good, the servicing size was somewhat generous. The edible rim was a nice gimmick too. The solution? Offer your customers a classic chocolate milkshake on the menu. If you want to offer fancy/freak shakes, you can do that too. I note that they have since updated their menu to a ‘Salted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Shake’.


Chocolate Milkshake @ Brooklyn Hide – Surry Hills

$7.50 – 28 October 2017


One thing Brooklyn Hide gets right, which so many cafes, milk bars and other establishments get wrong, is the straw. Paper straws? They are terrible, as they often get soggy before the milkshake is finished. Plastic straws? Terrible too. Brooklyn Hide serves their milkshakes with stainless steel straws, and this is hands down the best option – reusable, no impact on flavour, no degradation mid-milkshake.

In fact, Brooklyn Hide got a couple of other things right too – they use a real milkshake machine, the service speed is fast. It is just a pity there were some obvious flaws with the milkshake itself.

The volume was only moderate, which is often the outcome when milkshakes are served in glass jars (at least it had a handle). The flavour was powdered (think Nesquik). The milkshake wasn’t very thick and had a thin mouth feel.

But it didn’t taste bad, it was in fact quite tasty. The bubble distribution was poor as a lot of the milk just sat at the bottom of the jar.


Aero Bar Milkshake @ Reuben Hills – Surry Hills

$8.50 – 14 October 2017


Yet another trendy inner city cafe that fails the basics of offering milkshakes – always offer your customers the base options – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. If you are offering a chocolate mint milkshake, you already have the ingredients for a chocolate milkshake. Easy.

However, Reuben Hills does do a very fine chocolate mint Aero Bar Milkshake. The service was fast but the serving size was a little too small given the price. The milkshake was well blended and this resulted in a great body and good thickness – something only possible with a proper milkshake machine (not possible with a blender).

There were chocolate mint Aero chips sprinkled on top – an indulgence that is acceptable only if you get the milkshake right in the first place.


Chocolate Milkshake @ Pomegranate – Katoomba

$5.50 – 7 October 2017


The service was very fast and the milkshake came in the classic steel cup. This milkshake was just like a home-made one. It was very tasty – a product of a high quality ice cream. The chocolate flavouring (a sauce, not powdered) was perhaps a little weak but the frothiness and bubble distribution were good. A solid effort from Pomegranate.


Chocolate Milkshake @ Press – Dubbo

$5.50 – 1 October 2017press.jpg

The service was pretty quick at Press on a busy long weekend. However, perhaps the time would have been better spent perfecting their milkshake. The milk wasn’t very cold which is not a good start. This problem could have been avoided by adding ice cream – one of the three key ingredients of a chocolate milkshake (milk, ice cream, chocolate sauce).

The chocolate flavour was from chocolate powder, similar to Nesquik. This isn’t always a bad thing, but on this occasion it was.

So basically I was drinking chocolate milk. And through a paper straw.


Chocolate Milkshake @ Arthur’s Pizza – Randwick

$6.00 – 17 September 2017


Arthur’s Pizza is the classic style pizza chain and they serve up a classic style milkshake. Classic steel cup, classic serving portion (generous), classic double straw (but plastic), classic ingredients (milk, ice cream, chocolate sauce). However, the ice cream was a little thin and the frothiness was lacking. On the positive side, the chocolate flavour was generous. There is a lot of potential here, but a lot of work to go.


Yard of Milkshake @ Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa – Kota Kinabalu

MYR 28 – 9 September 2017

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Ordering a milkshake in Malaysia is fraught with danger. The milkshake culture isn’t strong. But if it was going to work somewhere, it is probably the ice cream bar at the Shangri-La.

The service was friendly (they threw in some free choc chips) but overall the milkshake was watery and based on soft serve ice cream, not the real stuff. Commendable effort on the Hershey’s chocolate sauce though.

The (re-usable) plastic straw had a bad taste, which is a terrible surprise. Straws play a simple role of getting the shake from the cup to the mouth. They shouldn’t get soggy midway and they definitely shouldn’t have any taste. The customer gets to keep the whole vessel, which was a nice gimmick.

Despite some of the flaws, this was a refreshing milkshake.